Here at Chase Estimating, we have a simple principle to keep our clients happy based on their requirements. We have worked on all manner of thermal insulation estimating projects including supermarkets, hospitals, commercial offices, hotels, domestic accommodation, schools, and many more. We work closely with our clients’ requirements and are adjustable in our technique to ensure we can deal with any unexpected problems.

First, we will ask to receive the tender package. Then we will conduct an in-depth audit of the package and pull out all relevant details from the specification and drawings from which we will conduct the take-off. We will submit any RFI to yourselves or direct it to your client as per your preference.


Thermal Insulation Estimating

Chase Estimating has become a major insulation estimating service provider for many contractors across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our estimators are experts in providing the solutions to fulfill your demands and expectations, whether it is a small under-construction project or a large industrial contract. We help our clients to evaluate their requirements to ensure they find the right solution and service.

Some of the Insulation estimating Services include:

  • We undertake commercial and industrial mechanical insulation estimation
  • Estimating insulation for pipework, valves, boilers, plumbing, HVAC, equipment and ductwork systems
  • Estimating of multiple types of insulation and jacketing materials
  • Trace Heating requirements

Who we are:

Here at Chase Estimating we consider ourselves the go-to experts for insulation takeoffs and estimating.

With more than 40 years of combined experience under our belts, there isn’t much that we haven’t come across in the past. The knowledge and skills we have evolved over these years enable us to bring a genuine and goal-oriented approach, which helps our customers to attain their goals. We are able to take off complete building services estimates and ensure your bid is spec compliant

  • We are UK based and the only specialist thermal insulation estimating company in the UK and Ireland.
  • We have vast experience in the thermal insulation sector
  • We are built on transparency
  • We dedicate at least 1 estimator to deal with your inquiry and your inquiry only

Chasе Estimating providеs mechanical insulation estimating services for commеrcial and industrial pipework, ductwork, and mеchanical еquipmеnt.

Mеchanical insulation regulates surfacе tеmpеraturе, prevents loss of еnеrgy, controls condеnsation, and protеcts thе safеty and hеalth of building occupants. Additional bеnеfits include noise reduction and firе safеty. We understand how important insulation is to a building’s performance hence why we will take care to ensure your tender is specification compliant.

We offer complete thermal insulation estimating service with contract measurements taken from drawings that enable our cost estimators to provide competitive estimation cost.

Our estimators benefit from the vast onsite experience from years of installation experience of our Managing Director who has helped train them to understand the nuances of thermal insulation installation.

The bottom line is you can trust Chase Estimating with your insulation takeoff estimation requirements and will help you submit more accurate tenders, for less cost and less stress!

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